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No Ordinary Family ... No Ordinary Life ... No Ordinary Journey

Six Continents

Seventeen Countries

10 Canadian Provinces

Countless Cities

And next? the biggest challenge of all: Antarctica!


But its not only about us .....

Throughout our travels we have made a point of volunteering and connecting with programs especially for children with disabilities. These connections have not only changed our travels but our lives.

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Laverne, David, Devin and Kasenya

No Ordinary Family, No Ordinary Life, No Ordinary Journey

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No Ordinary Journey Foundation

This not-for-profit was created  by the Bissky Dziadyk family to fill a gap in services available to  children with physical disabilities in the developing world.  In resource poor areas of the world, such as Vietnam, people with disabilities and especially children, are the last to benefit from economic growth. Programs to train and educate individuals and families in managing disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy help lift them from poverty and bring dignity to their lives.

Meeting a child with Cerebral Palsy during our visit at a Children’s Hospital in Vietnam.

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“Laverne Bissky is an inspirational adventurer whose spirit is contagious. The first time I heard her speak I was on the edge of my seat waiting for more. Sensitive, witty, experienced and wise, Laverne will "enlighten your load" and have you running home to pack your bags—or unpack your baggage—so you can explore your world with as much enthusiasm as she and her remarkable family have explored theirs.”   Sue Jacques ~ The Civility CEO™